I Get A Cookie, You Get A Cookie, Everyone Gets A Cookie!

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. The test results came back. I’m not gonna beat around the bush. I don’t even know how to do that.

The Vet Person called, and although I was not able to talk to her personally because I was doing Sheriff things, let me be the first to tell you. The Lump is just that. A Lump of fatty handsomeness. She used the word benign. Yeah!

This is my excited face in case you’ve never seen it. And let me tell you, this is sure good news.

No surgery for now. No more worrying for now, at least not about Lump and it’s time. Time for a cookie! I get a cookie, you get a cookie, everyone gets a cookie!

I don’t know if I’ve heard such good news since the day that the persons said I was adopted from that shelter place. I don’t know if I’ve heard such good news since they told me that Digby was my new brother. And this is a day I will never forget. Ever. I’m not taking it lightly.

Some may wonder what the big deal is. Some may wonder how you can be so happy to just have a lump with no agenda. Well, the older I get, the more I appreciate the good days. The normal days. Every day.

That car ride each morning? It’s special. That breakfast that Girl Person cooks every day? It’s special. Dinner, snack time, walks and the beach. It’s all special.

One day though, one test, one minute, can take away our normals. And then the normal seems pretty special, doesn’t it?

We could have ignored Lump. And worried about it. But as Sheriff, it’s my duty to take care of business when business needs to be taken care of. And I did. And I’m glad. Now it’s your turn.

A cookie has never tasted so sweet as it does today.

I have many more days to be Sheriff. I have many more to arrest. And I’ll start with you. What have you been putting off? If you don’t start to take care of it today, You. Are. Arrested.

The fear of the unknown can hold us back from many things. But you can’t let the lumps of your life push you around.

Face your fears. Take care of business. You may just find out what you’re made of. For me, I’ve got Lump. Lump who taught me a lesson. Don’t ignore the obvious, find out what’s wrong and carry on.

So let’s celebrate today! I get a cookie, you get a cookie, everyone gets a cookie!

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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6 thoughts on “I Get A Cookie, You Get A Cookie, Everyone Gets A Cookie!

  1. Theresa Bates

    As we get older, we humans get those little fatty deposits, too. Sometimes, we find them when we’re checking our bodies for scary stuff. And they scare us. Then the doctor says, Oh, it’s just a fatty deposit and it’s benign. No problem. And we rejoice, just as we now rejoice for you. It’s due to our maturity, and you’re a mature sheriff.

  2. linda payne

    So glad to hear this news!!! It’s so hard when our furkids have problems and there’s nothing we can do about it, so glad you’re healthy. I know how hard your parents work to take the best care of you that they can, congrads!

  3. Donna Wiles

    So glad your lump is just a fatty thingy!! Great news means you can now not have that gray cloud hanging over your handsome head !! Enjoy the walks,the beach, the treats and breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    Your Friend, Donna and my furkid Abby

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