Your Habitat

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Sometimes, do you feel like me? Like you’re a fish out of water?

I’ll admit a few things. The beach has grown on me a little bit. It could be due to the fact that Girl Person packs us a snack picnic every night. Could be. But when those treats are gone, I’m ready to go too.

Some things we can make work like snackies. But sometimes, we have to have a talk with ourselves. Brickle knows he is in his happy place.

And I have the woods to explore here too.

But what about you?

When you look around, are you in your happy place? Are you in your habitat? Do you feel like you are trapped where you are and can’t get out? This is a serious thing. And I don’t often get serious.

It’s not a good feeling to feel trapped or even that you could be happier somewhere else. When you think about your happy place, what makes you want to go there? I like the trees and the birds and all of the things to explore in the woods.

Brickle likes the sand at the beach and just staring at the water.

And neither of us could imagine life without our happy places. Even if we take turns visiting. We know our happy places are there waiting. And yours is too.

No doubt, there are reasons why each of us is where we are. But imagine how much better you could be where you were meant to be. Yes. Your habitat is where you were meant to be. Where you can be the best you. Where you feel what is around you instead of trying to block it out.

Circumstances usually cannot be changed overnight.

But our thinking can be changed right now. And that can start you on a path to your happy place. Let’s go!

Deputy Digby Pancake

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3 thoughts on “Your Habitat

  1. I so needed this today. I’m trapped in an urban setting (St. Louis, MO) but long for either the woods or the beach ….. I’m thinking hard on the beach. I have reasons for staying where I am right now (ageing parents mostly) but long to live my life for ME.

  2. A great perspective! We all need to find our center, whether that’s in a place or by doing an activity. We need to know where we belong and what our purpose is to live our best life. My happy place is with my pups in the mountains ⛰️🏞️🗻

  3. barbara Sevrens

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I Try to find a happy place everyday even if. Means staying home with my ROCCO or going for a walk or going for a swim. Have a blessed day Xxxooo

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