There’s Something In The Water

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Have you ever been so thirsty that you could go to Yappy Hour at noon? Ok. Maybe that’s just me.

All the time is actually Yappy Hour around here at camp. There’s always a pawty. And it’s always five o’clock somewhere. Since we don’t know where we are half the time, I take it for granted that all the hours are Yappy Hours.

It goes without saying, but I will, that in this Florida place, we drink a lot of water. It gets hot outside, y’all.

Now, Girl Person makes sure to be prepared with a lot of water in her backpack. She brings our treats too. And sometimes, she says she feels like a camel because she carries so much stuff.

And when you carry so much stuff, eventually, you can’t carry everything. Which means you forget your common sense. And if you are Girl Person, you pack everything…anything…all the water. And no. Bowl.

I know we are as smart as persons. If not smarter. Ok. Smarter. But expecting me to know how to drink without a bowl when I have always had a bowl? You’re not too smart then. And Sheriff Brickle? If anything goes out of our normal routine, you can forget it.  You want us to do what?

When we were hiking yesterday, and Girl Person realized that our bowl was at home on the picnic table, and she paniced.  It doesn’t take much for her to panic.  She had the water. But what would she do? Would we drink out of her hands? No and no.

Could she give us the water like a bottle for babies? Are you kidding me right now?

It was hot outside. We had to drink. And so she talked to us. She told us we were going to have to pretend that this Yappy Hour was about to be over and we had one shot. One opportunity. We could either be thirsty or learn how to drink out of a water bottle as she gently tried to get us to catch it.  I felt like a duck in a Las Vegas fountain.  What was this about?  I didn’t ask for this water to be poured on me. And that’s what happened.

It was a good thing that she brought plenty of water. Because on the second round of Yappy Hour, we figured it out.  And I will say that without the obstacle of a bowl, it was quite tasty. Quite refreshing. Quite different.

I suppose that is how life can be sometimes. We get so used to doing things one way when another way could be fun, even if for a little while. But we have to want that change.

 Change it up, change your “usual” and live it up.  There might just be something in the water.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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