The Unnecessary Day

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Some things are unnecessary. Margarine on pancakes.

Diets with less pancakes.

Sheriff Brickle’s attitude.

And I’ve been told many times that my barking was unwarranted. But yesterday? Apparently I missed the day on my calendar which I don’t own. It was the unnecessary day.

I’m not sure why persons think we need to have reasons for everything we do. Do you need a reason to order large French fries instead of small? Do you need a reason to blast your radio singing an old song? I think not. You just want to do it.

And yesterday, on unnecessary day, I wanted to howl at random people whether it was necessary or not. First there was the boy person fishing on the lake’s edge. Sorry that I made you throw your fishing pole in the lake. Sorry. Not sorry.

I wanted to howl at those two persons with a hat AND walking canes. Did I know you would throw them in the air like baton twirlers at the olympics? I did not, but it was icing on the cake. Sorry. Not sorry.

I wanted to howl at the man looking for shells on the beach with his bucket. Was I aware you would throw your bucket into the ocean and lose all your shells like Brickle loses his matzo crackers in the sand ? Sorry. Not sorry.

Sally may sell seashells by the seashore, and that my friends seems unnecessary. But maybe that man disagrees.

What may seem unnecessary to one May be necessary to another. We all have our own ways of finding happiness and joy in our day. Don’t let another’s calendar or idea of normal make you less of yourself. Don’t hide your happy!

Turn unnecessary day into what’s necessary for you.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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