The Lowdown In Vacation Town

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Did you know that when you’re camping full time that you are around a lot of persons on vacation?

And when others are on vacation and you’re not, well, if you’re like Digby Pancake, you make a suggestion.

Digby told us it was time to be honest with ourselves. He said we weren’t getting much done anyway on a beautiful day…because it’s was too beautiful. And he gave us the lowdown in vacation town.

Deputy Digby usually isn’t very forceful unless it’s dinner time. But he said that if no one else in any campsite around us had to work on a beautiful beach day, we shouldn’t have to either. He said you can pretend to be working or pretend to be on vacation. And I thought that was genius.

So we started off our day in vacation town by getting lost on our hike.

We weren’t watching where we were going. Or watching a clock. It felt kind of nice to get lost and not worry about coming back at a certain time. Deputy Digby said that in vacation town, it’s always fun o’clock.

Then we had breakfast and a nap and the persons decided to talk about plans instead of working on plans. They said they wished that they could just buy campsite 167 and stay here for awhile. I’m not sure why it’s not for sale!

The true lowdown in vacation town is that everyone lives there. I want you to think for a moment. What if you saw where you live as someone on vacation? What would you choose to do there? What would you recommend to others? Do you see where you live as only a place to work or to go thru the motions?

The lowdown in vacation town is that any day can be a vacation day when we want it to be. Even if we only have a little while to spend there. The good things around us are always good and always there. We just don’t always see them.

If you had to tell others the good things about your vacation town, maybe you could appreciate them more. So tell them!

The weekend may be a good thing to look forward to. But vacations are better. Longer. That is what life is meant to be. Give yourself the lowdown in vacation town.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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