The Unnecessary Day

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Some things are unnecessary. Margarine on pancakes.

Diets with less pancakes.

Sheriff Brickle’s attitude.

And I’ve been told many times that my barking was unwarranted. But yesterday? Apparently I missed the day on my calendar which I don’t own. It was the unnecessary day.

I’m not sure why persons think we need to have reasons for everything we do. Do you need a reason to order large French fries instead of small? Do you need a reason to blast your radio singing an old song? I think not. You just want to do it.

And yesterday, on unnecessary day, I wanted to howl at random people whether it was necessary or not. First there was the boy person fishing on the lake’s edge. Sorry that I made you throw your fishing pole in the lake. Sorry. Not sorry.

I wanted to howl at those two persons with a hat AND walking canes. Did I know you would throw them in the air like baton twirlers at the olympics? I did not, but it was icing on the cake. Sorry. Not sorry.

I wanted to howl at the man looking for shells on the beach with his bucket. Was I aware you would throw your bucket into the ocean and lose all your shells like Brickle loses his matzo crackers in the sand ? Sorry. Not sorry.

Sally may sell seashells by the seashore, and that my friends seems unnecessary. But maybe that man disagrees.

What may seem unnecessary to one May be necessary to another. We all have our own ways of finding happiness and joy in our day. Don’t let another’s calendar or idea of normal make you less of yourself. Don’t hide your happy!

Turn unnecessary day into what’s necessary for you.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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The Digby Blues

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. You know, I am diggin’ this Mississippi place so far. I don’t dig spelling it though. Good thing that Girl Person does the typing. Plus, my paws are a bit dirty for that computer thing. IMG_3891.JPG

Being a hound dog, my howling is not welcomed in many places. I know, it is shocking to think that. And how can you tell a hound dog not to howl? If you do tell a hound dog not to howl, it will howl anyway. Just letting you know. A howl is love in my opinion.  And all my love is just in vain. It’s a terrible thing…you know?

So when I heard that they sing the blues here in Mississippi, I was pretty thrilled about that. I feel like singing the blues! Girl Person told me that the origins of the blues in the Mississippi Delta are as deep, wide, and muddy as the river that gives the area its name. easy to listen to. So much learning in this Mississippi place. So diggin’ this. And maybe Mississippi understands my hound dog howling.  I think maybe they do.  And I am going to listen to some Mississippi blues for inspiration.


As you can hear, the blues are full of the blues, but they could be made better with some howling in my opinion.

Yeah, you can see my point.  Everything is made better with a bit of hound dog howling Digby style.  The persons tell me to shush when I howl at other campers.  The persons tell me to shush when I howl at squirrels which apparently are in a lot of pants here in Mississippi. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you missed a blog and Sheriff Brickle says You. Are. Arrested.  Which makes me want to howl.  Which makes me get shushed.  And honey, when you get shushed in the south, you better shush. And when you get shushed for howling so much, well, you just gotta sing the blues Mississippi style.  And today, I will be singing the blues.  All. Day.

Today is our first rescue visit on this Adventure Of A Lifetime again.  We are going to be filming with Tired Dog Rescue from Gulfport, Mississippi.  I know for sure that their dogs like Frank and Oliver who are 14 years old WERE singing the blues! But now they have a chance thanks to this amazing rescue.


Now, I have one last thing to say.  What are YOU singing the blues about today?  I know there is something.  If it as serious as a problem as my howling issue is to me, I sure feel sorry for you.  But I can guarantee that if you sing the blues..Mississippi style, you will sure feel better.  And it may not seem so serious.

-Deputy Digby Pancake


A big thanks to our sponsors for this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  Do you know what they are doing? Donating some seriously cool products to every rescue on our trip! Stop by their Facebook pages today!  Check them out!



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