You And Me. I’m Talking About Us.

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I am unique. That is for sure. I like being unique. I like being me. I like being who I want to be. Even if others don’t understand me. The ones who love me the most sure do.

Yesterday, we drove to a new place to call home for two nights.

Boy Person is trying his hardest to get a car working so that we can turn in these rental cars. You see, we thought we would already be on the way to that Italy place. And we are not! So we need to save some money. That is why we came to this area by Boy Person’s mom person to fix a car she isn’t using anymore.

Even though all of this is a lot of work and planning to get to that Italy place,

I know we will look back on this and see it was worth it. Now, however, it is a little unsettling to be moving around so much and trying to get a car to carry us around.

But even when things are not going exactly the way you want to in life, you have to learn how to make the best of it. That is just one of the unique things about me. I can be happy and look forward to the next spot and the next adventure!

And yesterday’s adventure and drive brought us to Summerville, Georgia.

We sure are not in the mountains any more. There is no creek here. But there is art! Lots and lots of art!

We definitely have never stayed anywhere like this! Not even Brickle!

I love when I experience something new with my brother that he has not seen before. It is great to see him like that!

And I think that he gets a laugh out of my excitement too. And we had a lot of laughs yesterday when we got to this little cottage at an art museum!

A person decided he wanted to make lots and lots and lots of unique art! But as unique as all of his art is, and beautiful, it is not as unique as me.

It is not as unique as you. We are both works of art with no price attached.

I think that every place we visit can teach us something.

And the obvious thing to learn here is that art makes you feel good and that art makes you think and reason and ponder life. But art also teaches you that YOU are the most priceless work of art that there is. And you should take care of yourself. You should value yourself.

You should know your worth. And when you know that, others will see that too.

We are here for another day and can’t wait to show this truly amazing place! Stay tuned

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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