When No One Is There

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Being alone isn’t easy sometimes. Especially for me as a dog. In the world we all live in, us dogs have to rely on you persons. And it’s not so easy to do that. Because, especially when you are a rescue dog, you may carry around doubts that you’ll always be safe.

Even after 14 years, I find myself being nervous to be alone. So Fruitycake is good for that!

Persons have a hard time being alone too sometimes. That’s something that we have in common. Persons have a lot of doubts they carry around with them too. And when no one is there, and things are quiet, the bad thoughts and the scary thoughts may get louder.

I thought of that yesterday at the place we are staying at called Howard Finster’s Paradise Gardens in this Georgia place.

Since we stayed here in a little cottage, they give you a key to explore after hours. When no one is there. And I think it was a much different experience to look at all of the art by ourselves.

The problem that Girl Person said she had was that she was feeling too much. It was too quiet. Too loud with thinking.

And I understood that. I felt the weight of the artist’s thoughts in the air. I felt his art touching me in ways I didn’t know it could. I’m not saying i agreed with all he wrote or painted. But with art you don’t have to agree. You can appreciate someone else and their viewpoints to know your own.

And well, it was unsettling to think that there are still parts of myself after all these years I don’t know are there.

Because every day life crowds those parts out. Is life too loud for you? Are there parts of you that you can’t hear thru the noise?

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I think that as we get older and hopefully wiser, we use that knowledge to be better. It’s easy to be someone else when the world is loud. But when no one is there, can you see who you are?

Who is the true you? Do you like that individual?

It’s worth listening to the silence…when no one is there. That’s the only way you’ll hear the truth.

We are going back to the mountains today! I’m too hot and I need a creek and space to run! Stay tuned!

Peanut Butter Brickle

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