Slow Ride

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. This family never ceases to amaze me. We sold our truck to afford a little house in Italy.

And we bought the little house in Italy. And now we aren’t to that Italy place yet. And we have no car to get around here.

The decisions that the persons have had to make lately may seem odd. And I suppose that they wouldn’t make much sense to others who didn’t know the reasons behind the decisions.

But to us, it’s just part of the journey to a new adventure. But we kinda need a car right now anyway. And these rental cars are nice. But they take a lot of that money stuff. So we had to get a slow ride.

That’s right. I’m naming our new to us car Slow Ride. Because it is slow. And yet, it’s a ride. And we are thankful for it.

Not as thankful for it as a big dinner. But thankful.

Because it has air conditioning and it is clean. And it wasn’t being used by Boy Person’s mom because she can’t drive any more. And she said if Boy Person helped it to work, we could use it until we leave for that Italy place. Boy Person worked hard for days to make it work.

Slow Ride, welcome to the family.

I am not one who needs fancy things. But things do help us in life. We have to recognize that and appreciate that and take care of the things we are privileged to have.

Slow Ride isn’t big and shiny. But it’s big enough. Slow Ride doesn’t have air conditioning like a hurricane. But it is cold enough. Slow Ride won’t be with us forever. But she will be with us long enough.

We are making all kinds of plans and doing work for that Italy place. It will take a few months. But until then, Slow Ride, you’ve got some work to do for 2 Traveling Dogs. Now let’s enjoy our time together. I’m new to this family too. I’ll show you the ropes.

We have to return our rental car to Atlanta today. Let’s hope we make it back. Let’s do this, Slow Ride!

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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