Why Haven’t I Done That?

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Well, I have to say that having no house…except one in another country…has been kind of interesting the last few months.

When we gave back the RV and had to sell our truck to pay for that little house in Italy, I knew we would be roughing it.

But really, it’s been fun! Even I will admit that.

Fruitycake loves new adventures and new places. And although I’ve done a lot in my 14 person years, I’m also experiencing new things too! Like glamping!

And I have to wonder. Why haven’t I done that?

I have heard Girl Person always talk about those glamping tents and yurts.

When we went to campgrounds all of the time, we always secretly wanted to try out staying in one.

Yet, we never did. And I think it’s so crazy how persons overthink everything!! All of why they shouldn’t do something because they say they have no time. Or they have to work. Or they just…can’t.

What is that thing that you know you want to do? Why haven’t YOU done that?

Seems to me that persons talk about what they want to do. But really, you have to put forth effort. You have to get off the couch. Or bed. Or dog bed. Or whatever.

You have to stop dreaming and start doing. Don’t regret not trying the little and simple things you’ve wanted to try! Open your heart and try.

Thanks to Kingston Downs in Rome, Georgia for treating us to two night accommodations in their glamping, dog friendly accommodations!

Peanut Butter Brickle

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