Life Goes On

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. If I know one thing, and I know a million, it’s that life goes on. No matter what happens in a day, or who it happens to, the rest of the world goes on. Sometimes I don’t know if that is comforting or scary.

This last week, we’ve been visiting some of the places that we went to with Digby. The last time we went down these roads, he was with us. I never, ever imagined that he wouldn’t be with us always. And he’s not here. And yet, life goes on.

Digby and Brickle, Jacksonville, Florida
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The persons try to pick waterfalls or hikes that we haven’t been on with Digby. We try at least. But he went so many places, it’s hard! We don’t want to be sad because we don’t want Fruitycake to be sad. It’s not fair to him at all.

Tumbling Waters Trail, Ellijay, Georgia

So this weekend we went to a new trail. And I can’t get up the mountain as fast as I used to. I may need a little help too. But let me tell you, I can still do it. I can still make it. And as long as I want to try, the persons will help me.

What I find interesting is that the trees and the streams and the leaves and the soil don’t remember how fast and strong I used to be. They only know me now.

Because the years go on and life goes on. And they appreciate me for the now. I appreciate them for the now. That’s all any of us can really do.

No matter who is here and who is not, life goes on.

So don’t let one more second go by without seeing who is in your life. Who do you love? Who is here? Do they know how much they mean to you? Do they know how you feel? We can all do better when it comes to simply living. Pick today to do that.

Life will go on whether you heed my advice or not. But I hope that you do. I’ll start. I. Love. YOU.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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2 thoughts on “Life Goes On

  1. Robin Farnell

    Aww Brickle yes it can be sad to re visit somewhere you went with someone that is no longer on this earth but remember they are with us in spirit. Every where I go now with Crystal, I know her beagle sisters are with us in spirit and my mom and dad are too. So we move on each day but keep the memories close they heal the 💔… have fun. BRICKLE AND FRUITYCAKE

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