Violators Will Be Towed

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I get told no a lot. I can’t bark whenever I want to. I can’t eat all the ice cream in the world at one time that I want to.

But persons seem to get told no a lot more than dogs. There are signs everywhere that tell you not to do everything.

I wonder why there aren’t more signs that tell you to go right ahead and do that thing that you want to. If there are no signs, there should be yes signs too.

When we were walking thru the neighborhood around the house we are staying at, we got super hot and tired. Sure, it was a very short walk. But in this Florida place, you can’t be too careful not to get overheated.

Brickle wanted to take a break in the grass. And I hate grass. So I wanted to take a break on the concrete. To each our own, you know?

But if we would have read the sign, we would have known that we shouldn’t park ourself there. “Violators Will Be Towed”, the sign said. Well, I guess I broke the rules. Again. But who was going to tow me?

I hoped that they would tow me back to some air conditioning. And that is what Girl Person said we had to do. After we rested and broke the rules a few minutes more.

If someone would have walked by, I suppose they could have judged us and got mad that we were not heeding the sign. But I also think that they would understand, after we explained. Do we take the time to explain to others reasons why if they question us? Or do we get angry that we are questioned? And when we see someone breaking a rule, ask yourself if it is really that big of a deal. Ask yourself if you can be understanding, loving, and maybe even helpful? Because they have a need.

Life is full of no’s. Some are for very good reasons. But we also have to use common sense and not judge others when we may not understand. All of us have had different lives, all of us have been through different things, and all of us react differently.

Life may be full of no’s, but say yes to being kind.

Say yes to helping someone out when we can. Don’t be so quick to tow them when their viewpoints are not the same as ours.

We will be at this particular house for one more night, and then we are headed to a farm to stay at a cabin.  Stay tuned!!

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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One thought on “Violators Will Be Towed

  1. Jacquelyn

    City life is always full of NO’s guys! The cabin at the farm sounds like it will be a lot more friendly and what you are used to. Just hope it has air conditioning if it is still in that Florida place. I worry every day about what you guys are having to go thru. I will be so relieved when you are finally settled and have your own little home. Sending love and prayers ❤️🐾🙏

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