A Place We’ve Always Wanted To Visit

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. There are many places that I’ve been since I was adopted. I didn’t really know that there was a world outside of the city streets or the shelter jail.

Oh, but I found out that there are so many places to visit.

Now that we gave back the Big Barking Biscuit Buggy RV last week, I was worried that maybe we wouldn’t get to travel anymore.

But Brickle said that we would be doing more traveling than ever. Just in different ways. And that’s exciting.

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But you know where I’ve found that I like to visit the best? I best it’s a place you wouldn’t think of. And many places. It’s your heart. If you’re reading this, I’d like to find a place there.

You see, friendship is so valuable. More valuable than anything we can own.

But friendship is so hard to find. Real friendship, that is. I know that I have that with Brickle. There is no question. And he knows that he has it with me. There is no question.

But maybe persons have let you down. Friends that you thought were true. And you just didn’t know if you could go back to that place again. To give your heart and to go to someone else’s heart.

But that’s where I want to go now. Even though others let me down before. Even though it hurt I found a place that felt good again. And I want to find a place in your heart. You have found a place in mine.

Sometimes you just have to tell others thank you for being there. Thank you for showing kindness. And especially since Brickle has had his health problems. You were there for us. As you have been for our family for so many years.

We have visited many places. Maybe you have too. But the best place to visit is when you find a spot in someone’s heart.

We will be headed to another house to stay at for another week in this Florida place and I hear it’s some kind of farm. I can’t wait to visit. Stay tuned!

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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3 thoughts on “A Place We’ve Always Wanted To Visit

  1. Debbie

    Fruitycake, You, Brickle, Girl Person and Boy Person have a place in my heart. Digby also has a place in my heart even though he’s no longer physically here. I’m excited for you and your new adventures, but I also can’t help but worry if your little house in that Italy place is livable and how well you will adjust. (Friends always worry about the people who have places in their heart.) Take care.

  2. Jacquelyn

    Fruitycake you and Brickle have absolutely found a place in my heart. I am praying and hoping for nothing but good things for you and your family! I love you more than you know. ❤️🐾🙏

  3. Robin Farnell

    So glad that you found such a great family Fruitycake 🙂❤️🐾. You will still have many adventures ahead.

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