From The Mountains To The Sea

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. For weeks now, we have been showing you pictures and videos of our little house in Italy. You know that it takes about a half mile up the hills to get to it.

You know that it has a mill.

You know that it needs a lot of work.

You know that it needs a lot of love.

But we haven’t told you the area of Italy it is in until. Now.

Yes. Our little house is way up in the mountains but we can get to the sea! The sea!!!

No. Our house isn’t fancy. You might call it a diamond in the rough. Kinda like Fruitycake. Did I say that out loud?

But the fancy part to me is that we are in an actual park. A park that is protected. A park with hiking trails!

So maybe you can understand why we fell in love with our little house in Portofino.

It’s not that we don’t know there is work to be done. We know it will be hard.

And exhausting. We know it’s a lot of work to walk there and we will have no car.

We know all of that. But we also have no doubt this little house was waiting for us to find it.

When no one else wanted it for many years. We found our love in Portofino.

Things may look one way. But be quite another. You may think fancy when you hear Portofino. Not our little house! No one may think this little house is near there because of its appearance. No one may be willing to do so much work. Or to walk to it.

No one else may see its potential. But it doesn’t matter to us. Because we do. True love is true love.

Just like our little house, you may feel like you don’t belong or you don’t fit in.

You may wonder if you are worthy of love. You are worthy.

Don’t let others dictate your potential. And remember the ones worthy enough to be in your life will not only love you as you are, but will help you to become better.

We have so much more work to do before we can get to our little house in the mountains.

We have so much work to do before we can walk to the sea. But what is meant to be will be. We found our love and our little house in Portofino.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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