Sweet Or Savory?

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I know it’s hard to believe, but you may believe it, but I grumble. A lot.

Yes. Yes. I am sweet like a Fruitycake. But I also have a hard time keeping my grumbles inside. If someone doesn’t say hello, I grumble. Whether you are a dog or a person or a lizard, I’ll make it clear that it’s only polite to say hello.

Girl Person says that I can be both sweet as can be and savory as grumble and a mumble. Like a sweet potato.

The persons make me and Brickle a lot of sweet potatoes. In fact, this South Carolina place grows quite a few.

The persons made themselves some sweet potatoes for dinner. But instead of a sweet potato pie, they made a savory sweet potato mash with vegan cheese and onions and garlic. That was quite unexpected in my humble, yet grumble opinion.

It surprised me that I am like the sweet potato.

Both savory and sweet.

Are you savory or sweet? What is your flavor most of the time? Brickle says that once we are rude or abrupt with someone, it’s easy to keep being that way.

But when you try to work on the sweet, it will naturally be a part of how you treat others.

It won’t be so simple at first. Just like it takes a sweet potato time to grow, improvement takes time too.

Sometimes we don’t realize how we come across to others. Take a step back and see yourself as others see you. Be honest and truthful with yourself. And see how sweet you can grow to be.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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