Ruby Red Slippers

This is Fruitycake. The persons tell me that I have a lot of strength. They tell me that I’ve been thru a lot. They tell me that they are very proud of me and happy that I am a part of our family.

I believe that. Although sometimes I have to admit, I don’t feel that strong. I really don’t. Things that don’t seem to phase or bother Brickle or other dogs bother me.

I try not to let it get to me. But it overwhelms me a lot of times. Like when I was trying to take a walk the other day. And it had rained. And the ground was wet. I couldn’t figure out how to put one paw in front of the other. Even when some other campers came out to try and help me, I couldn’t move. So Girl Person picked me up. She said that the next day, we would try out some shoes.

Well, nothing seemed worse than walking on a wet road or water. Shoes? Sure. And I saw their color. Red. A pretty red. Ruby red slippers.

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When Boy Person put them on me, I panicked. I couldn’t feel my paws. I tried to walk on just my front paws. Anything to not do a raccoon freak out.

But I was still mad about it. What was worse? I felt like I was defeated. Nothing was helping.

The persons and Brickle helped me get used to the Ruby Red Slippers. Persons looked at me and smiled. Seemed like everyone approved of my slippers. They believed in me. So I started believing in myself.

Girl Person told me that the slippers only helped my confidence. She said they weren’t magic. She said I had always had the power and the magic.

It was inside me all along.

I still am not as confident as I can be. I suppose it will take time. And the persons say that’s ok. What do you need to overcome to feel your Ruby Red Slippers?

You have the magic and the power within you too. You have time to experience life more. You have time to put on those slippers.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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