When Did Your Season Change?

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. It hasn’t been the easiest of weeks here in the RV. Girl Person has been having a hard time with that Depression Monster. I’ve been introduced to it quite a few times since I was adopted. I like everyone, but this Depression Monster isn’t such a nice guy. It follows us everywhere.

Brickle explained to me that when this monster visits, Girl Person isn’t mad at us. She’s not mad at anyone. And he says that many times we just have to wait till it leaves. There is no talking to it. Or understanding it.

But Girl Person decided to tell Brickle and I that this time it might be here a little longer. She said she was trying to fight it. And she said that lately, it’s getting worse although she has stuff to help her. She said that she needs a change. A big change in life. She says we are always going to be part of any change. And she said that for her, a new season has come. And she needs to make some changes so that we are all happy together. And so that we can get rid of the Depression Monster.

Although I don’t know what the exact changes are yet, I do know that life has seasons.

I had a season of being afraid and being a stray. I had to make the decision one day to let a person catch me and try to help me. I didn’t know what would happen. But I knew if I kept on the same road, nothing would get better. But it was still hard to change. I had my hiding place. And my trash bin. And even though life was hard, I knew what to expect.

Do you know that you have seasons to your life?

We all have a feeling when we need or want a change. But we may be too comfortable or scared.

What if the seasons like fall never came? Think of all we would miss out on.

You may have had seasons in your past that you ignored to please someone else. Even when you knew what you needed to do. What season are you in now? Are you happy with it?

Or do you need to make a change? Sometimes, it can mean your life.

As we make some decisions as a family in the next few weeks, we do know we will all be together as a family in whatever that decision is.

But Girl Person is tired. We want her to be happy.

And we all want to be happy together.

Wherever our travels may lead us…to a new season.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

One thought on “When Did Your Season Change?

  1. Marcia Gainer

    My ♥️ is with you.
    We all stand by you…all of you.
    Making a plan, together, is going to give you strength, as you see the possibilities of new days …and a new you.
    That gloominess does slide in from who knows where…and it’s so very heavy. It tries to take you over. Then, it seems that a few sparks of sunshine (either figurative, or the actual warm rays shining down on you) will be what breaks through the dark and heavy and miraculously puts a smile back on your face and an excitement to go forward with enthusiasm for whatever is before you.

    Hugs and Love to You All,


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