The Song In My Heart

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Do you have to be reminded of things sometimes? I sure do. Sometimes I walk into the kitchen and I can’t remember if I wanted a peanut butter cookie or a peanut butter pie or a spoon of peanut butter. So I have all of them.

Sometimes though, I have to be reminded of who I am. Schedules and work and life can get in the way of who I remember myself to be. Inside.

What about you? What is the song in your heart that has always made you feel like you? Have you forgotten what it sounds like?

I forgot my song after Digby passed away. I forgot what my role in our family was. I forgot what I needed to do in order to be happy.

I forgot my song. My song in my heart. And it took Fruitycake to sing it to me to make me remember.

For Girl Person, she loves us very much. But she also has had a song in her heart for writing since she was a little girl person. And sometimes it takes Boy Person to tell her she shouldn’t give up on it even if she thinks she should.

He sings her the song in her heart. But she has other songs too. Other songs that have been crowded out with what she thinks she should do. What she thinks is more comfortable. What she is scared to do but knows that she needs to. And again, it has taken Boy Person to remind her. To sing to her a song of confidence. Adventure.

That song in her heart she has been trying to ignore for years.

A song in our heart may be hard for us to remember. Maybe we think others won’t like us to sing it. Maybe because we forget the exact words sometimes. But it is there. I hear it. And it takes a true friend to sing it to you and help you to remember.

So get out the sheet music. Read the lyrics. I want to hear that song.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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