The Mice In The Makeup

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. There are a lot of parties that go on here every day. The breakfast party. The snack party. The hiking parties. The nightly ice cream party. Life is a party and I love it. Let’s keep this going!

There’s even a “hair growing back party” with me going on right now. That’s right.

I think the medicine and the vet person and my persons found some solutions to my allergies.

Only time will tell. But right now, I’m looking pretty Fruity.

There’s some party goers in this RV however that did not get an invitation this week. In fact, they made themselves right at home. In my home.

They got in the kitchen. In The everywhere. And they decided to have a makeup party in Girl Person’s makeup drawer.

Now, if you know Girl Person, she hikes a lot and she’s outside a lot. She likes makeup though, even though she doesn’t have a lot. She thinks it’s pretty special, what she has. And apparently, so did the mice partiers. While we were asleep last night, they started the craziness in the kitchen and when they escaped the persons’ eyes, they decided to start the party back up. All. Night. Long.

We’ve been thru this before. Seems like RV’s are all booked up with mouse parties.

The persons had a kindness trap that doesn’t hurt them. But when they go inside, the persons have to drive them to another party destination and let them out. Kind of like a taxi I guess.

Boy Person started his meter running at 3 am for the first makeup party mouse. He drove him to a secret location. He drove back. He went to sleep, and well, the party started up again. He started his meter again at 4 am. And took the second partier to her friend. And by the looks of both of them, they really made good use of Girl Person’s makeup.

I can only think that the mice wanted to look as good as me! Obviously, no one can look as good as Brickle.

We are all tired today. But we have to change campsites and head closer to that Niagara Falls place next week!!

I’m sad the good looking mice won’t be with us, but there’s only so much room for handsome in this RV. And there is only room for one Fruity. Maybe they will invite US to their next party.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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One thought on “The Mice In The Makeup

  1. Robin Farnell

    Glad he was able to get them out. Be safe boys and safe travels to new camp site. Girl person hope not all your stuff was destroyed

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