The Nice Breeze

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Oh, this New York place has been quite refreshing so far.  We are enjoying the fall weather, even though the persons say that it isn’t officially fall yet on their calendars.  Well, all I know is that there is cooler weather here, changing leaves and a nice breeze.

That’s what I keep hearing the persons say.  “Oh, it is so lovely outside.  What a nice breeze!”.  And I wondered, is there any such thing as a mean breeze?  And if so, which one do you notice more?

Have you ever been in your car and turned on the air conditioning only to realize that you turned on the heat? Yep.  We have done that before! It is a quick realization that you turned on the wrong thing!  It is more noticeable than a nice breeze for sure.  I would call that a mean breeze.  And we can all be like a mean breeze or a nice breeze.

You see, we meet many other persons and individuals every day.  Whether we meet them for a second of time, or we have a conversation with them, we will affect them in some way.  You will.  You will affect someone else.  You will affect their day.  Are you aware of that? Us dogs are.  We meet other dogs by communicating in our own way.  When we walk past another campsite, I can tell if we are welcome or not.  In just and instance.  You are no different.

We all have things we are going thru. I know I have many aches and pains I don’t talk about.  Sometimes, I am not in the best mood.

But everyone is going thru something.  That is guaranteed. Don’t be so selfish that you take your problems out and turn into a mean breeze on someone else. It isn’t that hard to be nice for that second if that is all you have.  Try it. Be a nice breeze!

We are in this New York place all week! Today, we are expecting rain, but we plan to head to Niagara Falls on Tuesday! We have a lot planned, so stay tuned!

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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