Stepping Or Stopping

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Living with my persons for so many years has made me more observant. Being with my persons so much has taught me that they have a lot of stuff to deal with.

Some of that stuff, they bring on themselves and have bad days. Some of that stuff just happens for no reason. Good days. Not so good days. They have both.


Even us dogs have good days and not so good days. But for different reasons. We don’t dwell on the not so good days after the fact.

They are done and over with. And it’s time to move on. But persons seem to make one of two choices. They either keep stepping or they stop.


It’s easy to stop when things get hard and when things don’t work out.


It’s easy to keep telling yourself about the mistakes you made.

Or that you aren’t good enough. It’s easy to get stuck there.

It’s easy to stop and not step forward. I saw my persons do that this weekend.

They had many things not work so well. They both got sick. They both were down. And they did stop. But only for a moment.


Because each one of them tried to help the other. And when they still didn’t feel like stepping, they treated me and Fruitycake to a stroll and a shopping trip. They kept stepping for us. And in turn, it helped them to not stop.

There may be times when we do make mistakes or when we do need to improve. But if we tell ourselves we are stupid or not good enough, how is that helpful? Would we talk to someone else like that? I hope not.

So if you’re dwelling on something in the past, forget it today. Remember the good. Remember you still can make the present worth stepping for.


Don’t stop. You’ve got places to go. Things fo do. Life to live.

Peanut Butter Brickle

2 thoughts on “Stepping Or Stopping

  1. Sally Fowmea

    When I was younger? A crazy nisy life kept each day going Im older and retired A d we must believe in a purpose Mine simply stated is to be delighted that I
    Made it this far!! I love my pips had a devastating loss of my forever puppy love Baxter last Fall ! Wasnt so sure then…. But now that wonderful oup and 12 years of love keep
    Me going Stop if you need But dont get stuck there Love forever you persons are amazing! To do what you do??! Wow❤️❤️❤️

  2. Robin Farnell

    We have all been there. Not so good days. But remember the good days. Hope Brickle and Fruitycake had fun shopping 🛍

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