Chilly Nights And Warm Hearts

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This is Fruitycake The Raccoon.  I am from that Florida place.  And so, well, I know about hot weather.  I know about rain.  I know about blue skies and ocean breezes. But chilly nights?  I didn’t know about those.  I am finding out I don’t know about a lot of things.  And let me tell you, it sure is fun to learn.

Persons think they have to know everything.  They act like they know everything.  But they are missing out on learning!  Learning is probably the most fun you can have.  When you learn, you get to find out something for the first time.  You see things differently with knowledge.

And the chilly nights that I am learning about are very exciting!  Here in this North Carolina place, we can keep the windows open.  We can feel the breeze from outside, but be inside.  And Peanut Butter Brickle loves it. I think he would sleep in the snow if he could.

When he loves something, I am learning that is the best thing ever in this world.

Brickle is not much of a cuddler, even though Girl Person calls him her Cuddle Bug. He has to really be happy to cuddle.  He has to be really comfortable to cuddle.  And when it is a chilly night, he turns into a very nice gentleman.  I love him.  I love that he loves me.

And Girl Person says that means a lot.  She tells me that Brickle doesn’t open up to most individuals.  She says I am really special.

And she knows it because we cuddle on those chilly nights.  And she says it gives her a warm heart. She says warmer than when she eats her favorite soup.

Brickle is learning too, even though he is 13 years old.  Brickle is learning that it is ok to love again after a loss like Digby.  Brickle is learning that loving me doesn’t take away his love for Digby.  Brickle is learning that he has enough love to be multiplied and replenished over and over again.  I am learning that it is ok to BE loved.  It is ok to be wanted.  It is ok to be happy.  I sure am happy on these chilly nights with a big brindle dog named Brickle to sleep by.

Have you ever felt guilty about loving someone after you have a loss?  I can see by watching Brickle that loving someone new may even bring up old feelings for the one you lost.  But the new love you have can be an honor to the one you lost.  Love is wonderful, whether it is for a friend, a family member or the love of your life.  Feel it.  Cuddle.  Warm that heart of yours.  It beats with love.  I hear it.

-Fruitycake The Raccoon 

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