What Is In The Stew

This is Digby Pancake. Do you feel pretty slow some days? Like you could just sit around and think? Like you’re not motivated to do much of anything? That’s how I felt yesterday.

It was a cloudy day. It was cold. It was slow. A real slow day. There was no sunshiney to wake me up. I thought about doing things other than sleeping. But that’s as far as I got until dinner. Which was stew.

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Girl Person says stew is good for us on days like that. She cooks it all day. She puts lots of different things in there for me and Brickle. Yet, I don’t know what is all in there. Because once it cooks all together for a long period of time, it is hard to pick out individual ingredients. They all cook together.

I thought about the stew.

And how it was interesting that we take it for granted.

It’s interesting how we take others for granted

We may think we know why someone is how they are. We may think we know them. But we don’t know all of the ingredients that made them who they are. We don’t know them other than what we see before us.

Do you like stew? Is there one ingredient you would leave out?

Probably. But would you not eat any stew because of that one ingredient? Would you waste it and throw it away? Or would you appreciate it for it’s finished taste?

We may not like everything about someone. But don’t overlook all their good qualities for a little not so good.

Be kind. Accepting. Gracious.

And enjoy the stews of life.

Digby Pancake

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