The Survey Says

This is Digby Pancake. Do you know where your boundaries are?

If you ask Peanut Butter Brickle, he will tell you that he always knows his boundaries. And he protects his boundaries wherever we are, and whatever campsite is ours.

Me, well, I’m not so good at boundaries. I never have been.

I like to explore. I like to take flight.

And it doesn’t much matter to me where boundaries are. Although the persons say that’s important.

Yesterday, we watched as some persons called surveyors worked on finding out boundaries of our friends’ property.

They worked all day at finding out where the property corners were.

They worked all measuring and looking.

The boundaries were very important. Just like yours are.

Ask yourself what makes you feel less than worthy. Ask yourself if others are pushing you to do something beyond what you feel is comfortable.

We all have to ask ourselves what our boundaries are.

We owe it to ourselves to protect not the health of our bodies. But the health of our minds and our feelings.

I have to even accept that I have boundaries now. I can’t do everything that I am asked. I have to let the persons know what I can and cannot do. What I will and what I will not do. And that’s ok.

Because our true friends and family won’t push us to a place we don’t feel comfortable in. But you have to first establish those boundaries with yourself.

Digby Pancake

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