The Little Pizzas

This is Digby Pancake.  There is nothing little about me.  I have a big smile.  I have a big bark.  I have a big look on life.  I have a very big appetite.

But lately, I haven’t been feeling the best, and I have had to try some new foods and new medicines.  They make me feel better.  

But I haven’t felt like there has been a party in my mouth as often.

 So Girl Person said it was time to cheer up.  She said one of her favorite things is to see me and Brickle happy.

And another of her favorite things is to cook.  So she put her feelings in a pan.

 And she made us the little pizzas to cheer us up.  And let me tell you.  It did the trick.

You may think a big pizza would be better than a little pizza.  And yes, maybe I thought that at first too.  But what happens when you have to savor every bite?  You remember every bite.  What happens when you have to savor every moment?  You remember every moment.

 The little pizzas can teach us so much.

Just because something is bigger or more expensive, that doesn’t mean it is better.  Little pizzas like little dogs sure do make life better.  

Never let anyone tell you that what you like isn’t good enough.  Never let anyone tell you that you are not good enough.  

This week, we are packing up, because we go back on the road Sunday.  We have so much to do in order to get ready.  And we really will miss the barn and staying at our friends’ house.  We will miss Ellie and Juneau.  We will miss a lot of things.  

The main thing we learned from our time here in Rocky Face, Georgia was that stopping to enjoy life without life rushing by is ok.  We were tired.  We rested.  That is ok.  Life is meant to be enjoyed on the schedule we choose.  

Don’t let what you put in your life decide your schedule for you.  Little pizzas take up less room than big pizzas.  

And little purchases take up less room that big ones.  Choose wisely.

-Digby Pancake

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