Being Comfy In Your Own Shell

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  How often do you compare yourself to others?  Every day?  I think you do.  Because we are all guilty of it.  We see others, and we wonder what we did wrong in our lives.  

Does it seem like others have life all figured out? Why are we so concerned with others and we aren’t comfortable in our own shell?  We are the only ones in there!

In a couple of weeks, we are going to be visiting The Georgia Sea Turtle Center.  

This really neat place is in Jekyll Island, Georgia.

They take care of not just sea turtles, but other animals too.

They have so much to do.  There aren’t many to do all of that work.  And we want to help them.

We want to bring them some presents to cheer them up.  We want to raise money for them so that they can do more for the animals that need them.

Have you ever thought of sea turtles and what they can teach us? I will say, I had not thought much about them.  Until I heard we were visiting.

And now? I am so excited!!

I really am!

Sea turtles have their own shell with them all of the time.  They don’t concern themselves with any other sea turtle’s shell.

They stay in their own.  They don’t compare themselves to others.  They just keep swimming and being the best sea turtle that they can be. Some sea turtles travel long distances, but some sea turtles stay close to home.  They are different.  Just like me and you.  

So why compare ourselves to others?  No one else has the exact same life as us.  No one has the same problems, thoughts or personality. We are all just trying to survive.  We are doing our best.

Staying comfy in our own shell means that we judge ourselves against no one else.  Because if we are truly honest with ourselves, we will judge the kind of individual we are by our own actions.

Be comfortable in your own shell, and give others the freedom to be comfortable in theirs.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

We will be visiting The Georgia Sea Turtle Center in Jekyll Island, Georgia this month. You can help the sea turtles by giving to our fundraiser for this non-profit.  All funds go directly to The Georgia Sea Turtle Center! Every dollar and every share counts towards our goal for these ones making a difference.  Find out more here


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