Never Stop Exploring Options

This is Digby Pancake. I like exploring. I like it so much. Do you consider yourself an explorer?

As I’ve gotten older, I may explore slower. But that doesn’t mean I want to stop.

Life is full of so many places. And also, so many choices. For the persons, this can be both good and bad.

We still think about getting a place to call home other than the road. We never want to stop traveling.

But it would be nice to have somewhere to rest and come back to. So we drive a few hours yesterday afternoon to go look at some land with a waterfall. Oh, it was so beautiful!

There wasn’t a house there. But the land and the creek and the waterfall just was magical. So we are exploring the option. Life is all about options! It’s fun to think about the options.

Exploring is more than just physical. Exploring is opening up to possibilities before you. Sometimes you have to take a leap.

Even if you’re not sure. Sometimes it will be the right way. Sometimes it may be the wrong way.

But not exploring will get you nowhere. What fun is that?

I am even exploring in a way today. I have to see the vet. And it is scary. It’s scary for me and I get anxious. The persons worry. Girl Person says I have to feel better and I’m all for that. Sure. I could go on like I am. But if there is a better option for me to feel better, it’s worth any effort.

Exploring is effort. Growing into our potential is effort. But never stand still.

You never know how much more you can be.

Digby Pancake

We will keep you updated on the vet visit today on Instagram and Facebook. Please send the good vibes!!

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  1. Susan

    Darling DIGBY I wish you the best vet visit ever to make you feel better I send you a whole bunch of

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