Gratitude To YuMOVE

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You may not realize how much of a difference that you can make. I know it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the problems of the world. It can become exhausting.

The last two months especially, we have focused our efforts on giving back to both animals and people. And yes. We are tired. Overwhelmed. But we do know this. If you can make a difference for one individual, whether that is an animal and or a person, you did make a difference. One at a time.

We can’t do what we do without the support of you and without the support of companies who believe in what we do and want to give back. We are focusing our gratitude today on YuMOVE who has went above and beyond to support our rescue efforts.

And YuMOVE has helped our dogs feel so much better! We hope you’ll join us in thanking them as well.

We could write a commercial on all that YuMoVE is and their products. And although we want you to check them out today, we want to personally thank YuMOVE for being the company that they are. That is more important to us today.

YuMOVE is part of our daily supplement routine for our dogs.

In August, we informed YuMOVE that we would be visiting Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Tennessee.

They generously sent us boxes of products to give to the fosters and volunteers and shelters.

YuMOVE has helped Brickle and Digby get up the RV steps easier and has also helped to keep them limber on the trails. We noticed a difference from about week two. And their green lipped mussel products are beyond compare.

Then, they also sent MORE products directly to the shelter!

This was beyond anything we expected. And it left us humbled to know that they wanted to help these beautiful dogs.

In September, we were called to an emergency situation in Waverly, Tennessee. Flooding ravaged this area and left many people homeless and took so many lives. We made a four hour trip to help with cleanup and to bring supplies.

Since most of the area is still not able to be reached, we could not personally visit the shelter, however, YuMOVE helped us to raise over $1500 for the Humphreys Humane Society. Then, they mailed products to us to send to them as well. You see, recovery efforts will be ongoing. YuMOVE stepped up to help and we are grateful again.

Is it important the companies we support and buy from? Oh, yes.

And since we have the ability to reach so many people on social media, we take our responsibility of recommending products and companies seriously. YuMOVE is one that we stand behind. And we hope you will too.

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