The Waterfall Of Appreciation

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever stood beneath a waterfall?

One of my favorite things in life is water. But waterfall? The big ones scare Digby and I a little bit. They are strong and powerful and overwhelming.

But take us to a creek or a stream with water and I feel different. No. It’s not as big before me as a waterfall. But I can still appreciate it.

Now what about one drop of water? How do you appreciate that, I wondered, as I looked at the waterfall.

A waterfall would not exist without water. But it’s not just magically going to fall over the rock. It needs to get there. And to get there…it needs to be. We all need that one drop.

So many of us take things for granted. And it might come as a surprise to you. But we don’t appreciate things as much as we should in our family sometimes. Because although we had reached the waterfall, and we looked at it and we took pictures of it, well, it didn’t make the impression on us that it should have while we were there.

After, when we were talking about it and calling things to mind about it, we realized how little respect we had paid to its existence.

One of our worries that day was if Digby could make the entire hike and if he wanted to. The persons were also making sure I was ok too, as this was a longer hike than usual.

They had work stuff to worry about and responsibilities too. And if you know about worry, you know it is more powerful than a waterfall. So what can we do in the future?

We know that as much as we have seen in our travels, there is never-ending opportunities for appreciation.

If we can’t make the time to sit beside a waterfall and breathe it all in, and give that moment our full attention, how self consumed are we? Are we not saying we are more important than anything else?

When appreciation flows, kindness flows, because we truly will know that the world is larger than us.  Allow the beauty of small things and bigger things to awaken your soul.

A drop of water is more important than a gallon of worry. Allow yourself the opportunity to experience the magic all around you. Big and small.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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