Back Up The Hill

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Do you ever wonder how you got where you are? Right now? Sometimes we can look back and understand how our paths led us there. Sometimes we want to change the course we took. But we can’t go back.


It’s different on a hiking trail. Some trails are loops. But some trails are called out and back. You come out the same way you go in. You have to turn around. And usually, I’m not for those kinds of trails. Why? I like to see new things on my entire walk. I don’t care to revisit where I have already been.


What would you choose?

When we walk downhill, it’s easy. Smooth sailing.


But I know that we will have to go back up. And that’s hard.


I would rather go up first when I have the energy and go down when I have less of it. Life is no different. There may be a problem we are reluctant to fix because we know how hard of work it will be.

But do you keep in mind how enjoyable the trail will be at the end of the problem you solve?

Sure. Life never will be perfect. But it can be enjoyable. If we tackle what we have to. If we climb when we have to.

If we are fortunate to make it in life’s out and back trails and are able to fix something from our past, take the opportunity to do so. Look at things different with your experience.


Enjoy a second chance.

And if you’re on a trail you don’t want to be on now, but are afraid to get off the trail, you may have to just do it. Your true trail will find you.

Peanut Butter Brickle


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