Tableside Service

This is Digby. Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant?

I’ve heard about them. But it seems that dogs aren’t allowed at most of them. So therefore, how great can they be?

So when I heard about a fancy, tableside service restaurant coming to our area, I thought, hey, why not? Brickle and I should definitely make reservations. Especially since the restaurant is so close to us and right outside our door.

Yes. Little joys in life are the best joys in life!

And since we’ve been parked at our friend’s house for a bit, we’ve been a little more relaxed. We have a little bit more space. And Girl Person has started making our fresh meals outside. She assembles all the ingredients and then she lets us watch her make it. It’s like dinner and a show! All in one!

We do like to watch Girl Person make our dinner outside. It makes us feel special. It lets us know she cares about us being happy and well fed. We aren’t an afterthought to her. We are the main attraction.

Never assume that your dog doesn’t enjoy the extra attention you make time to give. We all need that…to feel special. We all need that…to feel valued.

Tableside service at the picnic table may not be fancy to some.

But that’s ok, because there’s not room for everyone.

Find your tableside service feeling. Watch what makes others light up. See if you can make them feel special today. And serve up the kindness.

Digby Pancake

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