You Say Tomato, I Say Golf Balls

This is Digby Pancake. Finding special treats during the day is one of my favorite things about travel. You can try food you have never had before. And you can learn a lot from others when you ask about their local food.


But sometimes, it’s easy to judge what way others may eat.


We all have our favorites. And we can’t understand sometimes how someone could like something that we don’t.

It is summertime. And one of our persons’ favorite things to do is find produce stands or farm stands! It makes the heat a little more bearable when you find cool treats!


So when we stopped at a produce stand yesterday and Girl Person went to pick out her veggies, she was surprised to see…golf balls.

Yes. Golf balls. Golf balls in a tomato box. Golf balls for $3 a box. And I wondered. What could you make with golf balls? Was golf ball casserole a Georgia place specialty?



For Girl Person, she couldn’t think of any explanation. Why would someone want to buy golf balls when they had a craving for fresh tomatoes? Did you also play golf with tomatoes? Was it the tomatoes that were out of place? My brain hurt.



The great thing about travel is that some things are a mystery. Some things make us think. Some things are there for us to learn.  Like the golf balls.  I know it.


And as we went around the corner to the produce stand, there we saw it. A golf course! Oh! These golf balls were fresh, organic, and ripe.


And meant to be played with after a fresh tomato sandwich.


It all made sense. Somewhat. But part of the fun when we don’t know the whole story is using our imagination. That is a recipe for life. 

Digby Pancake


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