This is Peanut Butter Brickle. What is happening in the world around you?

What is happening in your world? 



Close your eyes for a moment and listen to the space you are in. What do you hear? A washing machine?


A bird?




Soundscapes are inescapable. Every place has one and you are always in one. Each is unique to a specific location and changes by the minute.

Many of us use our eyes to see and to examine what we think is going on around us.

But for those of us fortunate to have our hearing too, are we paying attention to the sounds around us?

A sound is important. A sound puts us and puts our minds somewhere specific. A sound can take us to a negative place. Or to a relaxing place.


A sound can also take us back in time. Or a sound can help us look to the future.

I had no idea how much sounds were affecting me. Girl Person likes to hear people talk about things on her phone. And sometimes she will listen when we are walking. But I don’t like the talking. I want to hear the birds and think about what they are saying. I will tell you that’s it’s much more interesting.


Every little ingredient of our day matters. Because everything adds up and builds up and forms our attitude.


Our joy can be affected by sounds. For good or bad. What are we filling our ears and our time with?



When I think of a sound I miss the most it is the ocean.


When Digby thinks of a sound he misses the most, it is a creek. Or a stream.



A soundscape immerses is totally in our environment. There is one on all of the time.


We all have sounds that make us happy. Don’t waste a note of your day on unimportant and negative sounds of the world. Listen to the earth and its sweet sounds.


It is telling you to take care of yourself. To be happy. To live. To enjoy. And that conversation is like music to my ears.

Peanut Butter Brickle


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