Like A Canyon

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  How strong are you?  I bet you think that you aren’t. So many individuals think that.  Why? Because we think about our failures. And we may sink lower and lower.  We don’t feel stronger and stronger.


But as we were hiking yesterday, the persons told me and Digby that our goal for the day was getting to a canyon.

I have been to canyons before.  But not this particular canyon.

It seemed like we were never going to get there.  The persons kept reading the map wrong, or in their words, the map was wrong.  The canyon kept getting further and further away.  We kept taking breaks because it was warm, and we kept having snacks and water.  But I didn’t really know if we were all strong enough to get to that canyon.  Because lately, we don’t hike for very long.  We don’t complete as many trails.  I wasn’t feeling confident about it at all, really.

But just as I thought the next corner was every corner, and never there, we finally saw the sign.  The overlook.  Where we could look over and see that canyon.

The clouds seemed to be right in front of us, the canyon was below us, and we were told by Girl Person that it was formed over a long time.  How water cut thru the mountains and formed the canyon.  How even something as strong as a canyon could be changed.  How something as strong as a canyon wasn’t invincible.

Girl Person told us how a canyon could be considered a failure of sorts because it had changed from what it once was.  How it could be considered a failure of sorts because water had cut thru it.

So it made me realize that really, all of us are strong despite our failures.  Because even if we have changed, what we are now is beautiful!

We are shaped by what we go thru, yes.

But appearances aren’t always what they seem.  Those that seem strong may not be.  Those that seem weak may have reason to be, and may even be stronger than what you think. We all carry our life experiences different.  But we can encourage others to use what happens to them to make the world better.  As beautiful as a canyon.

What you consider to be a failure may be the reason for your biggest accomplishment to come! You can pull yourself out of that canyon when you realize how beautiful you truly are.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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