When You Are The Storm

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. When was the last time you went thru a storm? We had a storm come by us this weekend in this Georgia place. And it was a bit scary.

The wind howled like Digby’s stomach. The rain poured down. It was thundering and dramatic and it took us by surprise. You can never be too prepared for a storm and we were none prepared.


You see, we’ve had a tight schedule the last week and have been working a lot. And we weren’t paying much attention to the weather. You might say we forgot our umbrella of life.




But even though last week and working hard was tough on the persons, the fact is, when they stopped and they slowed down, that’s when their real storms caught up with them.

So many like to stay busy when they are depressed. Staying busy helps them forget. But you can’t outrun a storm that’s already upon you. And you can’t outrun yourself.

Are you your own storm? Do you make yourself as busy as possible so that busy is your umbrella?


You have to be your own umbrella and deal with the storms as they come. Otherwise, the rain will flood and depression and anxiety will pour. Getting wet with emotions a little at a time prevents permanent damage.

No. The persons don’t have life all figured out. Their paths seem to change so much. But one thing never seems to change. They probably will always deal with their inner storms most of all. The resolve they have to make it thru is what will keep their spirits dry.


But watch your forecast. Pay attention. And get to shelter. You are very important to us. And we know you can make it thru those storms. 

We will be in Buford, Georgia until the weekend. Stay tuned.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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One thought on “When You Are The Storm


    I am so glad You’re Safe!!!
    Yes…Seems- feels like I’ve been beset by Storms since Childhood.
    Your Thoughts of Wisdom will benefit many Humans. XO
    I like reading Your Reviews on products.
    ….Maybe one Day I will be able to purchase the anti itch medicine for Ammo.
    Ammo is a Senior Pitbull.
    In April Ammo was stabbed twice in the neck. He protected me. <3

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