Why I Used To Be Anxious Leaving My Dogs For Even A Short Period Of Time

I used to joke with my dogs that one day I would be a stay at home dog mom.  I had a job that kept me away from them for long hours.  My imagination would get the best of me.  So I took them to a dog daycare each day.  At least then, I worried less.  Because my imagination knew that the things that could go wrong while I was away, and I thought of all different kinds of scenarios.  Maybe you understand.

When I had a full-time job, we lived in a home.  Now, our home is our RV.

And although I do not work those long hours away from our house on wheels now, my anxiety is still there.  Because the few times that I must leave my dogs to run errands for supplies and groceries, I worry the entire time.  There is a lot that can go wrong in an RV when you leave your pets. Especially during harsh weather conditions like summer heat and winter freezing temperatures.

We are in different places and locations every week.  Even at RV resorts, my anxiety does not lessen because we have witnessed power outages often, even when the weather seems to be fine.  What will happen if the air conditioning or heat goes off in your RV?  In just a very short period of time, the danger to your pet is severe and can even be life threatening.

So when we had a chance this summer to test the Waggle Pet Monitor, we were hopeful. We have tested out other temperature monitors in the past, but none worked to our satisfaction.  We have another obstacle in that we do not have wifi often.  And yet, the Waggle Pet Monitor has thought of that and addressed that issue for travelers. It comes with its own built in 4G GPS.  You download the app, and you set notifications.  Does it work?  I am really excited to tell you that it does.

This past week, we had filming we had to do on location in the very hot and humid Georgia heat.  Due to Brickle and Digby’s age, we did not feel like having the dogs outside with us for extended periods of time.

Our safest bet was to let the dogs chill out in the RV air conditioning and we could let them out periodically.  However, we were extremely worried that our RV air conditioners could keep up.  What would happen if they failed or broke?  We looked at our phones every few minutes and we could see the temperature inside the RV!

At one point, it was a few degrees hotter than we liked.  But then the air conditioning would kick on and they were fine!  I have to say, this was the most relaxed I have been leaving them for a short period of time.  My anxiety was not as severe, because I had the confidence that if the temperature was not comfortable for them, I could get back immediately.

There are many, many things I worry about with my dogs.  The list is never ending. But I can’t tell you the difference this one product has made in our lives.

When we have to go get groceries or supplies, we drive just far enough where we can get back if the temperature changes.  And for that peace of mind, I thank Waggle.

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  1. Christine S

    Wow, that is a wonderful lil device! I’m so glad this is helping you with the boys, take very good care during this hot summer season on your travels!

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