Broccoli Soup In Bread Bowls

This is Digby Pancake.  Do you like trees in your soup?  I wonder if you like broccoli.  That’s my question.

Me?  I don’t like broccoli so much.  Especially when it’s tough.  Especially when its broccoli.  And I wasn’t particularly down with the fact that Girl Person was going to try and hide it in soup.  I can smell it a mile away no matter what it is swimming in!

But then Girl Person surprised me.  She made a bowl to put the soup in! Out of bread!  I’m serious about this. She definitely had my attention.

As seriously as I don’t like broccoli, I seriously like bowls made out of bread.  But I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like them put together.  

How can you like something put together when you don’t like it separate? I wanted to cry just thinking about it.

But I was in for a surprise.  Even though I only got to share with the persons, it was a sight to see! The soup magically stayed in the bread bowl.  And then they ate the soup and dipped the bread in it!  It was magical.

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What is something you don’t think that you like?  Have you tried it lately?  Maybe you think that you don’t like to hike.  But have you tried hiking in a new place?


Maybe you think that you don’t like to dance.  But have you tried to listen to a new music and dance to that?

Maybe you think that you don’t like cooking.  But have you tried to learn about a new place or country and make the food that they eat?

Life is a total experience.  You may not need broccoli soup in a bread bowl.  

But the experience is worth trying!

Don’t just make it through your day.  Make your day and put it in a bread bowl!

-Digby Pancake

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