Spilled Beans And A Washing Machine

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever spilled the beans? You know. Said something you were trying to keep a secret? Said something you weren’t supposed to say?


I haven’t. Because most persons don’t understand barking. But persons are real good at spilling the beans. Especially if you shake something up like a washing machine.

There we were. Relaxing for the night.

The persons were tired. And Girl Person had made a big pot of beans for nachos! Oh, it smelled good. It had vegan chorizo. And yummy stuff. Boy Person had a load of laundry going in our little machine that you can put about 4 socks and one shirt in. Well, the washing machine started the spin cycle. And if you can imagine being in a space shuttle going above earth’s atmosphere, that is what it felt like.


We were shaking. It was a rumble even more loud than Digby’s stomach. And on the last spin of the spin cycle, we knew it. Gravity had got us all. And the pot of beans flew across the room like a disc throwing Olympic champion.



There the pot of beans went. With the vegan chorizo. And it went hard. It went fast. It plummeted to the ground with the fury of a nacho eating dragon. It landed upside down.


Now. Boy Person didn’t move. He knew if he did that Girl Person’s fury would be hotter than the beans. He said nothing. She stared at the beans. She picked them all up slowly. And she thought about just putting them back in the pot. Because she wasn’t even sure if Boy Person had noticed because he was too scared to move.

But at last, she sighed with defeat as she threw the dirty beans in the trash. And she wished someone had asked her beforehand if she wanted them shaken or stirred.


Yes. The beans were a loss. But we had four clean socks amud a shirt. And well, not all were defeated that day. Just pride. Lessons were learned for the next night. A watched pot won’t boil if it’s on the floor. And if you spill the beans, get ready to clean them up.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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