My Little Flower

This is Digby Pancake.  I bet you don’t know how sweet life can be, do you?  

I bet today you are seeing all of the hard things you have to do. Things you don’t want to do. Things you wish were already done.  But guess what?  Today, I am calling you My Little Flower.  


That’s what Girl Person calls me when she knows that I need to feel a little more special.  

That’s when I know that I am awesome. Pawsome.  All that and a bag of chips!

Girl Person likes showing me and Brickle flowers when we walk.  

Sometimes, we know what they are, but the persons don’t call them by the same names that we do.  That’s ok.  They think they know it all.  But they don’t!

I like to look at flowers, and that may be surprising to you because I usually only like to eat and not look.  But even I appreciate their beauty.  Their uniqueness.  

Even if you see the same kind of flowers in a field, each one is different.  Just like you.  

You stand out in the crowd no matter how much you feel that you don’t sometimes.

I recognize your sweetness, your special ways, all of the things that make you YOU. And why you can’t see that, I don’t know. Just like some may tell you to stop and smell the flowers, I want you to stop too.

No.  Not to smell yourself.  

But to see yourself.  To recognize your value, My Little Flower.  

You can do it.  Don’t add it to your list of to do things today.  Make a new list with just this one instruction on it, My Little Flower.  The world can wait.

-Digby Pancake

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