The Hush and The Shhh Monsters

This is Digby Pancake.  When was the last time that someone told you to be quiet? Seems like persons just love to tell us dogs to hush.

Seems like persons just love to tell us to be quiet.  To not bark our mind.

And I am not sure I agree with this.  When we camp, we get to meet many different individuals. But one thing seems to happen quite a lot.  Dogs like to spark conversations when other dogs walk by. It is what we do.  And yet, we aren’t ever allowed to do it.

So when we kept walking by a certain campsite the other day, it was hard for me.  They had nice, talkative dogs.  We wanted to talk to each other. To acknowledge each other. But their persons seems intent on telling them to hush. realized they were the Shhh Monsters.

Not only were their dogs not listening to them, but the most scary part were the commands and barking that the persons…the Shhh Monsters were doing trying to stop anything normal from going on.

Do we try to make others fit into what we think is acceptable behavior? Who made the rules? Can we try to be more accepting ourselves by letting others, even ones in our own families, express themselves?

It may be what persons think that they need to do by telling us what to do all of the time.  But we can’t change who we are and what we do because of who we are no more than you can.  When we realize all living things have a personality and a need to be heard, perhaps….just perhaps…we can listen instead of being a Shhh Monster.

-Digby Pancake

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