Your Idea

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. When was the last time that you had an idea?  A great idea?  An idea that hit you like a meteor?

An idea that no one knows but you?

I bet you have one.  Just like the person that built the different shaped buildings in Arizona. They are called geodesic domes.

And although there are quite a few around this Arizona place, every time I see one, I wonder who thought of building them and why.

What inspires some individuals to bring ideas to life and what paralyzes others to not try? I am a dog. This is a fact.  And it is hard for me to communicate my ideas. But you persons? You have such opportunities! Did you let your idea slip away? Maybe you forgot about it.  Maybe it seemed absolutely impossible.

So what is your idea? What are you holding back from the world? Could you change it for the better? And you have given up on it? Have you given up on you?

Let me tell you something. Years ago, we were standing on that corner. Yeah, you know the one.

The one in Winslow, Arizona.

I would have never imagined that we would be back here one day. It seemed like a once in a lifetime experience. What were the chances we would be here again?

But the truth is, most anything can happen again.  And so can your idea.

One thing I know. The world we live in? It is much smaller than we think it is.

And another thing I know? Your idea is still possible. The idea that that no one knows but you.

Revisit that corner when you just knew…when you just knew you should make that idea happen. And this time, really.  Make it happen. The world is waiting.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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