Don’t Leave Your Pets’ Safety To Chance

By now, you probably know that we take our dogs with us everywhere. After all, we didn’t get our name 2 Traveling Dogs by being stationary.

But even though we live with our dogs Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake in our RV, the fact is that sometimes, we have to leave them alone in the RV to get supplies.

And as they have gotten older, we may have to leave them inside for a few hours to cool down in the air conditioning while we work on projects.

We never knew when we started our travels that safety, and their lives would depend so much on temperature.

We try to avoid harsh cold and heat, but just like everyone’s life, there are unpredictable moments. Emergencies. And we can’t leave our pets’ safety to chance. When we have to be apart, we must…we absolutely must feel confident they are comfortable.

But with power outages at RV parks and storms, their safety became an increasing concern. We’ve looked into pet temperature monitors previously. But we were not comfortable with their reliability and dependence on wifi, which most often, we just do not have on the road.

So it comes with much confidence that we finally are able to recommend a pet temperature monitor that works at an affordable price.

We would like to introduce the Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor.

Why do you need a Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor if you RV with your pets?

RV Temp/Humidity updates on your Phone
Periodic check-ins every 15 minutes
Instantly alerts in seconds when pet is in danger
Alerts you instantly if RV loses power
Specified contacts are alerted when pet is in danger

What happens if you RV without a Pet Monitor?

You will be constantly worried about your pet’s comfort and safety
You will have no idea how hot or cold your pet feels inside your RV
You won’t know if your RV has lost power when you leave your pet behind

What do you worry about when you leave your pet? For us, being in unknown places is hard. We don’t know anyone. We can’t ask anyone to check up on them. I’ve been at a grocery store rushing around and have just left everything to go home because I’m just. Too. Worried.

We don’t know the weather patterns well in areas we visit. And in just a few minutes, the temperature inside an RV on a hot summer day can get dangerously high. The temperature inside an RV on a cold day can get dangerously low.

So how does the Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor give us peace of mind? How does it work? The first thing we liked was that it didn’t require wifi. We pretty much never have wifi. It has built in 4G. That’s priceless for us on the road.

Our dogs are our life. Some may think of us as overprotective. Or even that we are overreacting. But as fun as travel is, you must take extra precautions. We must plan ahead for the ones we love. Don’t take chances with their lives.

The Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor is not a pet sitter or a substitute for spending precious time with our pets. But when it is necessary to leave them alone in our RV or home, don’t worry like I used to. Get the Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor at 40% off with coupon code 2TD40. Shop now.

“Our RV Pet Monitor tracks Temperature, Heat index and Humidity to ensure your pet is comfortable inside an RV, Car, or even Home. It comes with Verizon 4G cellular data to send you real-time updates.

If the temperature exceeds a set limit based on your specific pet, you will receive a instant Text or Email alert. Furthermore, if the power in your RV cuts out, our Pet Monitor will update you and continue running on a battery up to two days.”

As we travel more than ever this year, we will rely on Waggle. It’s now part of the family.

This blog is sponsored, and we were compensated, however, our opinions are our own. #paid #sponsored

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