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Moving around. It’s what we all do. Whether we are walking to check the mail or if we are endeavoring to finish a marathon. We all want to move freely. But what happens when we get older? We start to feel more aches and pains. We may start to not move as freely or as fast. And it’s no different for our pets.


So when we were contacted by YuMOVE, and they said they wanted to make a difference in not only the way Brickle and Digby felt, but they wanted to make a difference for animal rescues, we decided we would try their products.  

Clinically proven to help support your dog’s joints in 6 weeks, YuMOVE combines active ingredients with ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel creating an ethically sourced, human-grade dog supplement. Proven triple-action joint supplement for dogs who are stiff or getting older. We look forward oto the coming months of a partnership with YuMOVE and explaining exactly how they source and make their products. 


But we also wanted to learn about them and why they wanted to help pets in the first place. We know from experience that not everyone in the pet industry cares about pets. Sometimes, the professionals in that industry have never even had a pet in their lives. So for us, the hearts and souls behind the products are what we research first. According to YuMOVE’s website, “Charlie, our co-founders John Davies’ Chocolate Labrador, was slowing down and he was no longer able to get on and off his favourite sofa. After trying all the available alternatives, Charlie was still stiff – so we set out to create something better– and YuMOVE, the UK’s #1 Veterinary Joint Supplement Brand* was born.”


We spent 6 weeks using the supplements from YuMOVE. We wanted to see if they helped our dogs.  Especially Digby.  Our lifestyle requires us to travel and to move often. Would Digby be able to keep up if we went on the road again?  If he doesn’t enjoy our lifestyle of full-time RV travel, we won’t enjoy it either.

I was surprised how quickly I could see a difference in Digby’s stamina and the use of his back legs!!  As a senior dog, it is a struggle for us to keep him active while insuring we aren’t making his legs work too hard.

One chew in the morning and one at night made such a difference for his overall flexibility. Which made him happy. Which made us happy.

I wish that our dogs could speak to us. Ok. Well maybe they do and it’s just our fault we don’t understand sometimes. But if you see the following signs in your dog, it may be time that you give YuMOVE a try. The Green Lipped Mussel has naturally high concentrations of Omega oils and other fatty acids. These can help to support joints and support general joint health. Your dog’s joints need care!  That’s why this ingredient is so often used in canine, as well as human, supplements.



Our pets are our responsibility. And it’s our responsibility to do all we can to ensure they are not only around, but that they thrive. We want to live our best lives and our pets are no different. Give YuMOVE a try and see if green lipped mussels are what your pet has been asking for. Get the hint?

YuMOVE is the proud sponsor of the 2 Traveling Dogs “Rescue Of The Month”. Product donations are being sent to the May rescue pick, AnimalLuvrs Dream Rescue. Donate to our fundraiser here. All donations go directly to the rescue.

Who is our “Rescue Of The Month”? AnimalLuvrs Dream Rescue!

AnimalLuvrs Dream Rescue does the work that many shelters and rescues cannot. They concentrate on animals that are special needs whether it is behavioral, physical and beyond. Over the years, we have personally watched this rescue do mode and more. And we would like to help them grow and pursue their dreams of helping more animals. Thank you to YuMOVE for believing rescue organizations like AnimalLuvrs Dream Rescue need help too.  

“Founded in 2009 by Cecilia Nieves, AnimalLuvrs Dream Rescue was designed to help those animals that were in need of medical attention while searching for their furever homes.With her extensive background in veterinary medicine and animal care, Cecilia was determined
to help as many animals as she could that required a wide range medical treatment. Over the years ALDR has grown into a large family of volunteers who share Cecilia’s passion for rescue and have come together
through fostering, fundraising, transportation for appointments, and so much more. With the hard work and dedication of our ever-growing rescue family, ALDR received the honor of becoming a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2014. With the help of our friends at several veterinary hospitals, local shelters, and our many dedicated volunteers,
we have been able to rescue, heal and find furever homes for over 1,100 pets in need.”

As we continue to travel, you’ll be able to see the difference YuMOVE can make for Brickle and Digby when combined with a healthy lifestyle and food.

Give your pet the extra help they deserve with YuMOVE.

YuMOVE is NOW available in the USA! Check out their website here

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