Have A Seat

This is Digby Pancake. When was the last time that someone told you to have a seat?

Seems to me nothing good ever happens when someone says that.

You are either getting in trouble like Girl Person always did when she was a kid.

Or you are about to get some really bad news.

No one ever tells you to have a seat just “because”. And I think that needs to change.

At a park we go to, there are lots of benches for persons to sit on. But there is never anyone sitting down. They have a seat but they don’t sit.

Obviously, persons think that there are better things to do than sit. There are places to go. Things to see.

But what about the things to see where the benches are? What would happen if you had a seat?

Although we like to travel and go places, one of my favorite parts is the day after we get somewhere.

When we can just sit outside at our campsite and hear different sounds.

When we can see different things. We don’t move. But we let the world move around us.

Our minds need to exercise just as much as our bodies.

We have to notice what’s around us.

Not just look past them. We have to stop and have a seat. I’ll save you one.

Digby Pancake

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