Comfort Or Living Life? Which One?

This is Digby Pancake. What makes you all nice and comfy?

For me, comfortable means a soft bed and pillow and blankie on a really cold night.

In the summertime, it means a cold floor, air conditioning and some ice cream.
It is nice being comfortable. Very nice. But can being comfortable be harmful to you?

I thought about this yesterday as I was all nice and comfortable.

You see, we have been parked at our friends’ house for a few months now. And we are getting pretty comfortable here.  Also, too comfortable.

Is being too comfortable possible? That’s up to you to decide that.  But maybe you can ask yourself what is more important to you personally.  Comfort or living life?  Are they separate things?

I think so.  Because although we are comfortable right now and feel secure, there are things I am missing like adventure.


I am missing the learning that only becomes possible when you are uncomfortable.  When  you push yourself beyond what you thought was possible.  And then that feeling comes of satisfaction knowing you can do it.

As I get older, it gets harder to push myself. Because in the back of my mind I think maybe I shouldn’t take chances or be uncomfortable.  But I am not ready to retire learning.  I am not ready to retire my paws that were made for walking.

So I decided that I am perfectly comfortable being uncomfortable.  I want to know I am loved.  I want to know where my dinner is coming from and what time.

But being uncomfortable doesn’t even have to mean in a physical way.  If we don’t learn about others and about things we don’t know much about, how can we get to be better? How can we inspire others to be better? How can we make a difference for others?

So find your comfort level and push beyond that today. Whether that is trying a new food or learning a new word from another language, or finding out what makes you your best today. Don’t lay down on the job when it comes to living life.

Actually live.

-Digby Pancake

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