The Bookends Of Your Life

This is Digby Pancake. Do you feel like anything is missing lately? I do.

The last year has been hard and a lot of us miss the people who used to be physically in our lives every day.

It seems like space, time and something called a pandemic has pushed most of us apart. But what is in the middle of us and the ones we love?

I thought about that yesterday as Brickle and I were enjoying some much needed sunshiney. In the yard.

We like our space. Yes. But we also like to be able to see each other. The space between us is just that. Space. We are both still there. We both know that we still care. Even though we are at opposite ends. We keep our friendship together by giving each other the space that we need. We’re like bookends!

Nowadays, most of the time we don’t have a choice about giving others their space. But when this is over, who will we say we’re our bookends? Who held us together from afar?

Libraries are full of many books. But we don’t want to read them all. You don’t have to hold everything and everyone together.  But you can help some.

Pick out your favorites and open them up. Tell your friends you’re thinking about them. Call your family. Hold each other together. Even if apart. Who will say that you were their bookend?

Digby Pancake

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