The Worms Of The Earth

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. When was the last time that you talked to a worm? No. Not a wormy person. But a real worm.

It’s probably not a question that you get asked often. Because I would assume not many think about talking to worms and they really should.

Yesterday, it rained and it rained in this Georgia place. And when it rains here, so many times we look down and see worms! Worms on the sidewalk. Worms on the road. Worms in the grass. Worms everywhere. The persons try so hard not to step on them.

Because they are beautiful in their own ways. They are important. And they serve a purpose. Just like all of us. But you may not want to think about it. You may not want to think about worms. Why?

Maybe you think that they look funny. Maybe you think you don’t understand them and don’t want to. But ask yourself why.

When we acknowledge the importance of all living things, it gets overwhelming, doesn’t it? It gives us more responsibility to care. Maybe we think we have better things to do. But what is better than to be aware?

What is better than to learn about someone and acknowledge their existence? Yes. Even a worm.

You may think worms are simple. You may wonder how much there really is to know. But did you know scientists study them to see why they come up from the ground in the rain?

Did you know that scientists still don’t know for sure why earthworms do what they do? What does that say? We aren’t as smart as we think. We don’t know it all. And we can still learn.

We can talk to an earthworm and thank it for the role it plays in our world. And we can thank others for the role they play in our world. Acknowledgment is wonderful for us all. Being noticed is wonderful.

Tell the worms of the earth thank you. Notice them. Value them by respecting their existence and learn more about your own.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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One thought on “The Worms Of The Earth

  1. Where would we be without worms? Yesterday, I took some muck from the stable yard and put it on the garden. It was full of lovely worms that had turned pooh into compost. Thank you, worms.

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