Celebrate Bad Times, Come On!

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. It’s sure easy to be happy when things are going good.

Like when you get that extra scoop of peanut butter. Or when Digby doesn’t smell so bad on a Wednesday.

But when you wake up after a week of rain and wind and snow and cold to frozen pipes? Well. It’s hard to be happy. At least for the persons.

Then when your phone meeting on that Zoom thing has technical difficulties? Perhaps it’s a little hard to be happy.

At least for the persons.

Now. I know that this stuff is not a big deal. And I’m a dog and I know that.

But it seems like when a lot of little things go wrong for persons, they get overwhelmed. They get defeated. Deflated.

When Digby and I have stuff happen we don’t like, we kick dirt over it. Or roll in it. Or maybe we ignore it. Because we know that even a day with bad times has more good than bad.

We know that the next day will be filled with its own problems. But also with new ways to deal with them.

So while our pipes thawed out and the phone meeting thing was over, we went for a drive. We went for a hike.

We let be what we couldn’t change for the moment.

And that’s how we celebrated the bad times. It can be done.

So think back on your last bad day. Do you know when it was on the calendar? Circle the date. Celebrate. You made it.

What was your recipe for success?

You did it. And those bad times that were so big that day? The good times were bigger. I don’t mean to burst your bubble…

But you are stronger than you know. Don’t give up in the bad times. Celebrate them. Learn from them.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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