A Prescription For Collard Greens

This is Digby Pancake. If you could ask for anything today, what would it be? A kiss from me?

No. Not something that extravagant. No not something expensive.

Something to make your soul feel better. Something to make your heart sing. Something to remind you of the simple yet important things in life. What would it be?

Girl Person asked herself that question yesterday. There are so many persons and animals that are cold right now. They are without power. Without heat. Without water. They are not asking for anything but for the basic necessities.

So if you are fortunate enough to have the basic necessities today, that should make you think. It should make you appreciative. It should also be a prescription to make you feel better about all that you have. And maybe…just maybe…find a new way to love it.

So today, I want you to look around you. What do you have that you normally wouldn’t be thankful for?

What do you have that should help you to feel grateful?

After Girl Person worked on finding ones who need help in that Texas place yesterday, she also worked on making some soup. Some collard greens. Because we had collard greens. Because we had electricity. Because we are warm. Because we are appreciative.

The collard greens were a prescription for reality. A reason to make us remember that the basic necessities are certainly taken for granted. Until they are gone.

So if you have more than what you need, is there something you can give to someone else?

Whether that’s time or a donation or supplies or simply sharing a social media post for help. You can do something. You can be nice. Isn’t that valuable?

You can put back into the world. And write your prescription for thanks.

Digby Pancake

People and Animals In Texas That Need Help:

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