Climb That Rope

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. How do you prepare for life’s big challenges?

Do you prepare at all? Or do you take them as they come? What’s your angle?


Life has a way of stopping persons in their tracks. No matter how long a person has lived, they never seem to learn that there’s no way to have it all figured out.



Dogs like packs. A group of us that help each other and have a common purpose.

But some persons seem to only rely on themselves and their wisdom. But I’ve learned that as soon as they stop trying to learn and to climb, that’s when they fall.

Here at the barn where we are parked next to, I saw a rope.

A rope that is there just for persons to climb and to get stronger.

Boy Person can get up the rope pretty easy. But Girl Person has a harder time. When I say harder time, I’m saying she can’t do it. She looks at it. She thinks about climbing. But she said she doesn’t know how to climb it. She says she’s never done it before. But I wondered. Should that stop her?

The answer is no. When there’s nothing left to learn or to challenge yourself, your life is a lie.

Because you tell yourself you can’t do something just because you haven’t tried, that’s a lie. You certainly may fail. But if you try and you fall, have you really failed? No. Because you climbed. Even if it was an inch. Or a mountain.

Learning and climbing should be a part of every day. No matter who you are. No matter how much money stuff you make. No matter how old you are. We should all be climbing a rope. Learning. Trying.

Getting stronger isn’t just about our physical abilities. It’s being strong enough to realize we don’t know it all.

And climbing.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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